Trucks Ace 00 Classic Polished (Set of 2pcs)

Code: TR_19201
Brand: ACE trucks
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Ace 00 our Classic 2.125" (52mm) tall truck. These "Double-Aught" rippers are super fun to ride, turn on a dime? Naw, more like turn on the head of a pin!

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Machine polished to a low lustre. Our polished finish trucks are the go-to choice when performance at no sacrifice is your goal.

Axle width: 6.5"
Hanger width: 3.87"
Truck height: 2.125" (52mm) Classic
Fits boards: 6.5"- under
Color: Polished
Constructed from pure 7071 series aluminum
Heat-treated 3056 series steel axles

Additional parameters

Category: trucks
Weight: 0.666 kg
Size of trucks: 3.87